‘The Glowing Snowman’ Kickstarter campaign

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My friend Helen and I made a book called ‘The Glowing Snowman’ and then, because we’re unstoppable, we created a publishing company too, called Sojo Publishing Mouse.

Here is our Kickstarter Campaign to launch both the company and the book in one fell swoop.  Please spread the word and join us on Facebook, Twitter and Instagram.


Thunk of the Day ‘Bras’ has been selected to be played @Short Stack, Broadway Cinema, Nottingham.

Hooray! There is nothing more satisfying than watching your film playing out to an audience at the coolest cinema in the universe. Broadway Cinema is pretty much the epicentre of all things creative in Nottingham, so I am delighted to be having another Sojo Animation played on the big screen.

Thunk of the Day ‘Bras’

24th September 6pm as part of Short Stack

Thank you so much to David Lilley of Short Stack, for creating such awesome opportunities for new film makers like me.

This is the 6th ‘Thunk’ in a series of thunks bringing the spontaneous thoughts of children to life through kid’s artwork, and this one is all about BRAS!

Voice and thunk of the mighty Lady T and artwork by the brilliant Summer.

Well done you awesome little girls!

Instagram: @sojophotos

Twitter: @SojoAni

Thunk of the Day No.6 ‘Bras’


The sixth ‘Thunk’ in a series of thunks, bringing the spontaneous thoughts of children to life through kid’s artwork.

Voiced by the mighty T and artwork by the brilliant Summer. These little girls have brought us the most fabulous Thunk. Now we all know why bras are so important!


Oh I do love a good ‘Thunk’.


Did you know I offer bespoke ‘Thunks’ as precious keepsakes of your little one’s early years thoughts, voice and doodles.  Starting from £200.  Message me for detail 🙂Thunk of the day pic

The importance of hearing our children

The importance of hearing our children

Normally, the commissioned work I do is a separate process to the work I do as a passion, but this film was different.  It is everything that I think and feel.  I loved every moment of creating it because the message is so important and so simple.

That is why I have decided to share it with you all.

‘The importance of hearing our children.’

A Sojo Animation film for the BME network, about the importance of listening, hearing, engaging and playing with our children, featuring the most awesome little girl, Tiana and her brilliant parents Sophie and Alex, and also Norman Wright from The Wright Initiative.
Commissioned by Nottinghamshire County Council, put together by the BME Network with support from their corporate equality group.
Massive thanks to Alison Lewis.